How to Pleasure Yourself

Most men pleasure themselves, and that is a fact. However, women are still a taboo subject, whether they are masturbating when they are alone or trying to raise their partner when they are in a session. With men, there is no other question asking how happy they are. Maybe just a little information on how to intensify it or do it differently, but there is not much that can be added because men can be bothered, with little or no motivation and inspiration.


If you have pleasured since time immemorial and you will recognize that you are a supporter of such a region, have you ever wondered how you could feel more affected? Have you ventured into anal self-pleasured to please you more? Do you even know how to mix the stimulation of the clitoris, the vagina, and the G-spot to reach the mental orgasm? More importantly, are you familiar with the parts and functions of your vagina?

Self-pleasure is stimulating your genitals with a final point to reach orgasm. You can use your hands or fingers or sex toys, such as a dildo or vibrator to increase the experience.

It is sad to say that many women do not even know what their vagina looks like and do not know what their parts are and how they work, regardless of sucking cocks and swallowing them. First of all, before you can begin to expect others to enjoy you, you must know how to please you. To do this, you must recognize the tune into your body. To pleasure, yourself is to be with yourself, with your body, your soul and your mind. How will you delight?


Self-pleasure involves women caressing their vulva, focusing on their clitoris with a pointer or middle fingers. You may also put fingers into the vagina to allow it to touch your g-spot, located two inches away at the bottom of your abdomen.

Many women find that it excites their nipples while cleaning the vagina. There are also many women who use dildos and vibrators to obtain an orgasm. Dildos come in different sizes and shapes, and when used correctly, your orgasms can be improved to a more intense level.

Women often find it unnecessary to use lubrication when self-pleasure breaks down. Their natural lubrication is usually enough to make them wet and ready for the penetration of their hands or sex. Some women also find self-pleasure as something that would improve a complete sexual experience.