Iroha Zen and Tori – Cute Vibrators

Everyone in this world has heard of Iroha Zen and Tori or Iroha Zen and Tori. This game is known for these two articles, a sexual game that changed the sexuality of many women around the world. For those women who found it almost impossible to reach their climax before, Iroha Zen and I put the bulls at the end of this torment.

For those women who did not understand how their body worked, Iroha Zen and Tori changed again. It is not difficult to know why this vibrator has become one of the most famous girl’s games of all time!


Once, pure Iroha Zen and Tori, now there is a new world of vibrators that you can abuse as much or less as you want. The original was pink and the rotating pearls, far push them and have large metal balls.

The original Iroha Zen and Tori were not suitable for showering and having fun, but these days you can resist the water to help you bathe in particular.

Now you can even get a rocker Iroha Zen and Tori Extreme for those looking for solo sex, and with the new material coming alone, including the crystal, this game has something for everyone, regardless of their needs and expectations.

Rocker Iroha Zen and Tori originally got the name from the attractive and innovative animal ears in the clitoral stimulation section of the adult game. These are rabbit ears that can drive every madwoman! They sit on either side of the clitoris and shake gently until the seventh heaven!

That makes the Iroha Zen and Tori very versatile: it stimulates the vagina and the clitoris at the same time, something that many other agitators and agitators cannot handle.

In addition to the rabbit ears that vibrate in Iroha Zen and Tori rockers, the column and column of the game generally move. The original Iroha Zen and Tori contain a revolving tip to stimulate areas that are hard to find in the vagina, including the G spot. At the same time, there is a small pearl that gently rotates to massage every part of your most sensitive area.